April ’23 Newsletter

Find Your Paper Clarity

Find Your Paper Clarity

I found my paper clarity by having a simple system that I could quickly use to manage all my important papers.


Active Storage

Active paperwork is anything that I will need for the next year/tax season. It can be as simple as one container in a drawer, or slightly more elaborate in the form of a filing system that separates paperwork by type.

Keep your Active Storage in a place that’s easily accessible, so you don’t create paper piles around the home.


Archive Storage
An archive area is a place to store recent tax return information that you likely won’t need to access, but can be easily located if you need it. My recommendation is to store the prior 6 years of tax returns. This archive paperwork can be stored away in a closet or even in your attic, as you will not need to access it frequently.


Safe Storage

I always recommend considering a safe or fireproof box for important documents like birth certificates, titles and deeds etc.


You can also check out my blog post which includes a FREE Paper Management Cheat Sheet outlining how long to keep different documentation for.

Paper Management Cheat Sheet

Before I forget, this is a GREAT time of year to tackle garage organization. The temps are great to get to work outdoors. You can clean out those dead leaves that made their way in, and re-organize your garage treasures so you’re set up for the summer.

We LOVE tackling a garage reorganization project – so if this is something you want to outsource, get in touch! We have a great team who is ready to help.

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