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March ’23 Newsletter

Yes I’m throwing in the towel – literally! For some reason, we keep WAY more towels and bedsheets than we need. So that’s what we’re going to dig into this month!

Sheets & Towels: 3 Is The Magic Number

My rule of thumb is to have 3 sets of towels per person in the house, and 3 sets of bed sheets per bed. One in use, one in the wash, one in the closet.

If you have a closet jam-packed with towels and bedding, you’re not alone! Somehow we acquire towels and sheets over the years but fail to let go of the old ones. So if that sounds like you, I want you to make a commitment to empty out that closet ASAP!

If you find yourself with a big pile of reasonably good textiles that you no longer need, here are 3 places where you can responsibly discard of them.

  1. Bloomington Animal Shelter.    Bloomington Animal Care & Control accepts donations of used but clean towels, blankets, sheets and rugs. Donations can be left in the bins outside at any time – so convenient!
  2. Salvation Army       The Salvation Army typically accepts towels, bedding etc. You can either drop off to the thrift store location or schedule a pick-up: so easy!
  3. New Hope For Families      New Hope provides emergency housing along with early childhood care and education. They are always looking for donations of towels, bedsheets and mattress protectors among other things. See the list of their ongoing needs here.

You can always keep some old towels and linens aside in your garage to serve as furniture protectors and clean-up for future painting projects.

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