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Home Cleanout

Whatever the reason for needing a whole home cleanout, we know it can be overwhelming, but Consider It Done is up to the job!
With experience in whole home cleanout, estate-disbursement after the loss of a loved one, end-to-end management for remote clients, and auction referrals, we’ve got it covered.

Whole Home Cleanout

Facing a whole home cleanout is an involved process that can take several weeks up to several months to accomplish. However, with our systematic approach, our goal is to make it quicker and easier.  A whole house cleanout generally involves: sorting, packing and removal of personal belongings, furniture removal, coordination of cleaning, painting and/or meeting home service providers to take care of bigger projects. By taking it in systematic steps will make the process easier and quicker.
Whole Home Cleanout Bloomington IN
Estate Disbursement Bloomington IN

Estate Disbursement

The most common need for a whole home cleanout is loss of a loved one. We understand the emotions that come along with this process and will take care of the practical steps that come with estate distribution, so you don’t have to.

Repair Coordination

Oftentimes, unwanted issues and repairs come to light during a whole house cleanout. Don’t worry, we are here to help! If you’re not local, or just don’t have the time, let Consider It Done handle the coordination of deep cleaning or any required repairs to get the house ready for sale.

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