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At Consider It Done, we support our clients through life’s transitions. While our service is a practical one, we’re sensitive to the emotional journey our clients are taking as well. 

“It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”

Through tact and sensitivity, we work to relieve the burden that life’s transitions can bring. We love our clients, and our goal is to bring harmony and leave a smile. The Consider It Done team works to deliver the ‘Wow!’ factor by exhibiting these core values:

Meet Cheryl

Welcome to my corner of the web! I’m Cheryl, and I’m passionate about continuous growth and learning to provide the best service for our valued clients.

With a firm belief that education is the key to making informed choices and crafting a better life for yourself and your family, I’m committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

As a proud new grandmother, my little ones affectionately call me “Coco” (assuming all goes as planned). It’s a title that carries a youthful energy, and I believe it perfectly captures the spirit of embracing life’s joys without feeling tethered to age-related stereotypes. Who says being a grandma can’t be cool?

Beyond family, you’ll find me on the pickleball court, channeling my enthusiasm for this engaging sport. It’s a great way to stay active, have fun, and connect with others who share the same passion. Off the court, I thrive on networking and meeting new people, especially fellow business owners. Building relationships and exchanging ideas is not just a professional interest—it’s a genuine joy.

In my role, I’m dedicated to assembling an exceptional team of A+ employees to complement our already amazing crew. Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ needs are not only met but exceeded. There’s something truly magical about witnessing the positive transformation that occurs during a completed transition. To see the stress dissipate and smiles replace it is a real win for me.

My favorite part of the job? Meeting with clients. It’s in those interactions that I find the most fulfillment. Witnessing the positive impact our services have on their lives is truly rewarding. As we navigate through transitions together, the goal is not only to provide excellent service but to create a sense of ease and joy. Because, after all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to the opportunity of connecting with you—whether on the court, in the business world, or as a part of our growing family of satisfied clients.

My life’s work is much like a quilt. A beautiful combination of experiences that have been sewn together to create a service to help YOU. I have combined my 20 years as an educator (and principal) along with my work as a professional development facilitator for a national organization, a sales executive in the digital marketing and medical industries and topped it off by serving families at a funeral home as a family counselor. Throw in my work as a busy wife and fun-loving mother and that is one big beautiful quilt.

Aside from work, I love to be outside playing tennis and golf, going out to dinner with friends, and baking in the kitchen with my daughters.

I promise to bring this same passion and energy to the work I do for you and your family. My goal is to empower, motivate and support you in simplifying life’s transitions. You’re more than just a client. You and your loved ones are a part of my family when we work together.

So if you feel like you need a helping hand with one of life’s transitions, or simply to get on top of things in your home, go ahead and give me a call today!

Meet The Team

Our professional & inspirational managers of downsizing, organizing, moving and cleaning



















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