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October ’22 Newsletter

Garage Organization Before and After
I think it’s fair to say that most of us have been impacted by changes in the world and the economy – I sure do notice how much more my grocery bill is these days, and thank goodness gas prices are coming back down! With this in mind, I wanted to talk about some of the practical benefits an organized home can bring. While we often talk about the positive emotional benefits of decluttering, there are a number of concrete advantages of a simplified and organized life too.

Garage Organization Before and After

Be Organized – Save Money!

Did you know being organized saves money? Here’s just a few reasons how:


Buy Less

It’s hard to find your things in a disorganized kitchen/garage/closet – and then you end up buying another which adds to the problem! Simplify and organize, you’ll know exactly where to find it next time.

Eat Out Less

You’ll spend less money on eating out when your fridge, freezer and pantry are organized and you have a meal plan for the week.

Waste Fewer Groceries

An organized refrigerator and meal plan also means you’re less likely to impulse buy food at the store, or waste food you have at home. You’ll buy food intentionally and make use of it.

Improve Your Credit Score

Having your mail and email organized means it’s less likely that a bill will go unpaid. Promptly paid bills boosts your credit score, and a better credit score means better rates on credit cards and loans.

Time Is Money

Being organized means being more efficient – which means you can spend more time on the things you love (making money or being enriched in other ways!)

And if you’re ready to get some expert help to get your home and life organized, why not take advantage of our free consultation? We’re happy to talk through your situation and see how we can help.


Gift Certificates

It’s not too early to start thinking about holiday gifting, and a Gift Certificate from Consider It Done makes the perfect gift for someone you love. It can be used for home organization services, downsizing, an upcoming move and lots more.


I’ll see you in November when we’ll be getting into the holiday spirit and all that this time of year entails!


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