September ’22 Newsletter

How are you? Have you been noticing it’s a bit cooler in the morning this past week? This is when I get excited about cleaning out garages after summer ? But that’s not what I’m going to write about today. This week I wanted to share some of the pictures from our Grand Opening Ceremony hosted by The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. It was a really special day for me as it made me stop and take a minute to reflect how far Consider It Done has come – from a desk in my spare room, to this lovely new facility with meeting space and a warehouse. And of course my spectacular team who make this all happen ❤️ Enjoy the pics!


Here’s my amazing team who put in the hard work and heart each day to deliver the best experience for our clients.
Yes the scissors are real! Ambassadors from The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce came out to celebrate our new facility.
Cup of Joy food truck was on hand to keep everyone refreshed!
Consider It Done Professional Organizer
After all that excitement, I had to take a minute to rest my feet on one of our warehouse sofas! See below for more info on the next sale.
I’m submitting my entry into the Ms Consider It Done Pageant!