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January ’23 Newsletter

As we let out the old and bring in the new, it’s time to talk about my area of expertise: purging and decluttering! Today I’m going to share 5 of my best decluttering tips with you. Here’s an extra one for free: sort through those Christmas decorations now and get rid of any that you haven’t used in a while. Your next year self will thank you!


Dates for Your Calendar

Here’s your roundup of Consider It Done events coming up in the next few weeks!

Jan 2nd: Office Closed

Every Wednesday 12pm-4pm: Warehouse Sale

Every Friday 9pm-2pm: Warehouse Sale

[Our warehouse is located at 3170 S Walnut St, Bloomington, 47401]

Jan 17th 6-7pm: Practical Home Organization Session. I’ll be speaking at Bartholomew County Library for this free session on achievable methods to declutter your home, all welcome!

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My 5 Pro Decluttering Tips for 2023


  1. Start SmallIf the thought of decluttering is overwhelming, then start small! A drawer is good one. A single drawer can be done in a short period of time. It will give you a sense of accomplishment, and build your confidence to move on to a bigger task.
  2. Value Not CostSometimes we’ll look at an object and think “This item was expensive, I need to keep it!”. Whatever it cost though, that money is already spent. You need to flip your thinking to “What value does this item bring to my life?”
  3. The Four Box Method
    When you start to declutter, get 4 boxes (or trash bags): trash, giveaway, relocate, keep. Pick up each item and decide where it should go.
  4. Get My ChecklistIf you’re having trouble deciding which box and item should go into, then print out a copy of my ‘Ultimate Decluttering Questionnaire’. It will give you some good questions to ask yourself and help you determine the value of the item in your life.
  5. DigitizeIn the November newsletter I wrote about the fear of our stories being lost, and digitizing is one solution to this fear. Apps like Artifcts offer digital ways to preserve memories and stories. Photos are a great candidate for this process (hands up if you have boxes of disorganized photos that you never look at ?.) If the thought of going through piles of photos fills you with panic, don’t worry, that’s something we can help you with!

Help Digitize My Photos!

Heading Out of Town?

For my snowbirds, don’t forget we offer a Home Check-In service if you’re away for an extended period of time. With the recent cold weather, having someone keep an eye on your home and handling any issues that arise offers precious peace-of-mind.


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