June ’22 Newsletter

Certified Senior Move Manager
This month we’re talking about the Sandwich Generation (and no I’m not talking lunch time snacks). The Sandwich Generation refers to those who have a living parent over 65 who they care for in some way, while also supporting their children – be that at home or by providing financial support. If that sounds like you, make sure you keep on reading for some things to consider when you’re managing this sometimes difficult role.

The Sandwich Generation


With changes in lifespan and having children later, more people are finding themselves part of The Sandwich Generation, that is to say, providing some level of care for both parents and children.

This care may be one or any combination of:
– financial
– emotional
– physical (helping an elderly parent manage activities of daily living for example)

Certified Senior Move Manager


Many of our clients are part of the Sandwich Generation, and we’re well aware that juggling multiple responsibilities can be a source of stress or anxiety. With that in mind, here are a few considerations for any of you who are in this role:
– Don’t feel like you have to carry the burden yourself: share caregiving responsibilities with the family, according to their capabilities.

– Share your feelings – caregiving can be challenging, and it’s not healthy to keep feelings bottled up. Keep talking – be that to a spouse, siblings, or even caregiver support groups.

– If you’re working, know your rights around FMLA and ensuring job security if you need to take leave for family medical reasons.

– Recognize when you need to ask for help and reach out. That can be either be from governmental agencies such as Eldercare or your local Agency on Aging , OR from a company like Consider It Done who has experience helping both families with children and the senior population with tasks such us organizing or downsizing.

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I only scratched the surface of this very broad topic, but if you think Consider It Done may be able to help you, please consider reaching out for a free consultation.

See you next month!