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May ’22 Newsletter

Several big events are coming up in the month of May – Mother’s Day, the end of school, Cinco de Mayo (hello margaritas!) and our beloved Indy 500. And while you’ll have to provide your own drinks, I do have a couple of ideas that might help and inspire you with these events in mind: the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, and some race day inspiration to help you tackle your home organization!

Getting To The Starting Line
Ever have a project you know you need to tackle, but just can’t seem to get started? Much like the Indy 500, getting to the start line is half the battle! Here’s some tips to get you there:

1. Determine Your ‘Why’

Sure, you know getting your home office/kitchen/garage organized will look good, but try and think about the deeper motivations for getting this job done. These are the more profound reasons such as reduced stress, increased productivity, an emotional weight being lifted. Hone in on your ‘Why’, and you will find the motivation to get started with the task.

2. Break The Task Down

Mentally, the idea of tackling one big task can be too overwhelming, but breaking it down into manageable tasks is a lot less intimidating. Setting yourself one reasonable goal may be all you need to get started e.g. tackle the junk drawer in the kitchen. You might find that achieving one goal will you give the motivation to do more!

3. Have A Strategy

When we take on decluttering projects, we will have a strategy lined up that guides how the project will be handled. Doing this will make it more likely that you’re efficient at the task and don’t give up before it’s complete! It can be as simple as saying “I’m going to create a keep pile, have a donation box, and a trash bag for everything else.”

Don’t forget, if your project feels too overwhelming to tackle yourself, why not call and see if Consider It Done can help? We offer a free consultation!

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