Magazine Management

Pile of Magazines

Every now and again I come across a great recipe or article in a magazine that I want to keep – but I don’t want all those extra piles of magazines in the house! I came up with this little trick for keeping the magazine piles to a minimum, while holding on to the articles […]

A Handy Tip to Manage Donation Piles

Consider It Done How To Manage Donations

If you have piles of donations building up around the house or in the garage, here’s a handy hint to get them under control for quick and easy drop-off!

How to Wrangle Fitted Sheets (and a handy Storage Tip too)

Cheryl by the Consider It Done Truck in Bloomington, IN

I can’t tell you how many closets I’ve come across that have fitted sheets wadded up in a ball and squeezed onto the shelf!  Folding a fitted sheet can seem impossible, but I’ve got my technique down. And even better, I have a great way to store all your bedding, just using a pillow-case! […]

Donating and Upcycling: Finding New Life for Old Things

Upcycled Tires

Now the holidays are over, do you find yourself drowning in clutter? Do you need to make space for all the new gifts you have received? Do you have lots of waste you don’t want to put in the trash? Read on for essential tips on donating and upcycling, so you can declutter and help the environment all at once!

22 Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy With Visitors


Do you find it frustrating how quickly your pristine home turns to chaos with a houseful of guests? How all that hard work you put into making it look beautiful goes straight out of the window? You’re not alone, especially at this time of year when many people are hosting families overnight for the Holidays. […]

Paper Organization: How to Banish Those Stacks


Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in paperwork? Does it feel like your piles of papers keep multiplying and appearing all over the house? You’re certainly not alone. Paper is constantly streaming into our households often via the mail or from our kids’ schools. We can convince ourselves that we’re organized by putting it […]

7 Essential Time Management Tips


Do you sometimes find yourself aimlessly rushing from one activity or task to the next? Perhaps you take on multiple tasks at the same time, in an attempt to achieve more in your day? If you answered yes either of these things, then you may be in need of some advice to help you take […]

How To Organize Your Email Inbox And Stay Sane

Email Organization Laptop

Do you get a feeling of panic when you check your emails?  Are you faced with hundreds of unread messages, all with subject lines clamoring for your attention? If so, you’re not alone. Despite instant messaging becoming popular (think texting and social media) email is still a primary form of communication. This could be with our […]

How To Get Prepared For The Holidays (Without Losing Your Mind)

Tips To Prepare For Holiday Season

Hands up if the approaching holiday season fills you with dread? It really is a roller-coaster of celebrations with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years all happening in a short period.  Schedules are overflowing with events such as family meals, parties and parades that can leave us drained. That’s before we’ve even thought about […]

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