Fall Decluttering Checklist

Fall Organization

De-cluttering is not just for springtime! We usually have more to do than we can manage in one go, so it’s not a bad idea to have another go at it later in the year. Are you ready to de-clutter all the junk you’ve accumulated over the summer? Follow this checklist and you’ll be in good shape for the Holiday season!

Fall Organization
  • Closet
    This is probably the biggest job to tackle. It’s a good time to purge your closet while switching your clothes for the new season, getting rid of any items that are worn out or that you haven’t used. When putting away your flip-flops and sandals, remember to throw out any that you haven’t worn. Likewise, check your winter boots and coats as you get them out of storage.
  • Kitchen
    This is very important with the upcoming Holiday season. You’ll likely be cooking for a houseful or at least taking a dish or two to someone’s house, so having your kitchen organized and clutter free will make your life easier. Go through your fridge, freezer and pantry, tossing anything that has expired. Give your fridge and freezer a good clean ready for a new season of cooking. Don’t forget to check those herbs and spices!
  • Living Room
    Gather together any summer reading material that you no longer want, such as books and magazines, and donate or sell them. Bring out blankets and throws ready for winter coziness!
  • Bathroom
    Now’s a good time to throw out your expired or nearly empty sunscreens and bug sprays. Check the state of your towels to ensure they’re guest-ready!
  • Linen Cupboard
    when switching from lightweight to winter linens, check for anything that’s worn out, damaged or stained and recycle it. You don’t want your Holiday guest to get their toe stuck in a holey sheet!
  • Garage
    Another big job that needs to be done at this time of year. With the weather cooling down, you’ll need to clear space to fit the car inside. Throw out any old or broken pool games, toys and equipment. Check the state of your holiday decorations, and throw out any that are past their best. Summer toys and sports equipment can be packed away neatly, along with any camping gear, ready for next year.
  • Outdoors
    Pack away your outdoor furniture, tossing anything that’s broken or damaged. Burned down citronella candles can be disposed of at a hazardous waste collection point.
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