22 Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy With Visitors

Do you find it frustrating how quickly your pristine home turns to chaos with a houseful of guests? How all that hard work you put into making it look beautiful goes straight out of the window? You’re not alone, especially at this time of year when many people are hosting families overnight for the Holidays. … Continued

8 Ways to Stay Organized When Hosting a Family Christmas

Are you one of the many brave souls hosting a houseful of guests for Christmas this year? Are you feeling the pressure already? Just attending a Christmas gathering can be stressful, but actually being the host can be a very daunting prospect indeed. From making your house look beautiful and festive to producing a delicious … Continued

Minimalist Christmas: How To Keep It Simple

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed in the Christmas chaos? Do you feel like you’re under pressure to shop and buy more and more ‘stuff’? I’m totally with you! With all the advertising that bombards us and our kids, there’s no escaping the consumer hype in the run-up to Christmas. It seems to get more … Continued

Paper Organization: How to Banish Those Stacks

Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in paperwork? Does it feel like your piles of papers keep multiplying and appearing all over the house? You’re certainly not alone. Paper is constantly streaming into our households often via the mail or from our kids’ schools. We can convince ourselves that we’re organized by putting it … Continued

7 Essential Time Management Tips

Do you sometimes find yourself aimlessly rushing from one activity or task to the next? Perhaps you take on multiple tasks at the same time, in an attempt to achieve more in your day? If you answered yes either of these things, then you may be in need of some advice to help you take … Continued

Questions To Ask Aging Parents (How To Get The Ball Rolling)

Do you find yourself worrying about your aging parents? Perhaps you’re concerned about whether they’re adequately prepared for their later years. Or maybe you don’t know what their final wishes are. Many parents have to deal with tricky conversations with their children. However, you don’t necessarily expect it to be the other way around. It … Continued

How To Organize Your Email Inbox And Stay Sane

Do you get a feeling of panic when you check your emails?  Are you faced with hundreds of unread messages, all with subject lines clamoring for your attention? If so, you’re not alone. Despite instant messaging becoming popular (think texting and social media) email is still a primary form of communication. This could be with our … Continued

How To Get Prepared For The Holidays (Without Losing Your Mind)

Hands up if the approaching holiday season fills you with dread? It really is a roller-coaster of celebrations with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years all happening in a short period.  Schedules are overflowing with events such as family meals, parties and parades that can leave us drained. That’s before we’ve even thought about … Continued

How To Be Prepared – The Just In Case Folder

If you were faced with an emergency tomorrow and had only a few moments to leave your home, would you quickly be able to put your hands on the most important information to get you through a crisis? If your answer is no, then you need to consider putting together a Just In Case folder. … Continued

How To Live Minimally

It’s true that certain trends come and go, and Minimalism may seem like a buzzword right now. But there are many elements of this approach to living that I love. If Minimalism is something you know nothing about or feel intimidated by, fear not! In this How To, I’ll give you a quick rundown on … Continued